Information material – Studies and whitepapers

Information material – Studies and whitepapers

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Nowadays, the social intranet is one of the key tools a company has for simplifying and improving internal communication. And it sparks a zest for collaboration within your company. In order to provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth insight into the social intranet, our experts have created studies and whitepapers and gathered them on this page for you. Make use of our expert knowledge to find out more about the social intranet and form your own opinion of it.

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Studies, surveys and more

What direction is the social intranet developing in? How do companies maximize their benefits from this communication platform? And how is the social intranet shaping Industry 4.0? We will look at these and many other questions. After all, knowledge is the critical factor in making a decisive contribution to the digital age and benefiting from the rapid rate of change. That’s why our digital specialists work on qualified studies, analyze the trends, identify the key themes in the process and provide clear guidelines in the form of tips.
How satisfied are companies with their social intranet? To what extent has the introduction of a social intranet improved internal communication? What are the most common reasons why companies opt for a social intranet? The recent Social Intranet Study by the School for Communication and Management (SCM) and United Planet, producer of Intrexx, which 110 communication experts participated in, answers these and many other questions.

In addition to the survey results, this social intranet study also contains trends, topics and tips relating to the introduction of a social intranet solution, as well as fascinating expert contributions and a 7-step plan for getting started in your company.

Excerpt from the Social Intranet Study 2020:
  • Recent study results concerning social intranets
  • How your social intranet can provide a real added value
  • The 7-step plan for your social intranet
  • Social intranet guidelines – First aid for community managers
  • Outlook: the future of work
  • Trend Monitor Internal Communications 2019
  • Social Intranet as an instrument for management

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Compact Information

Whitepapers about the social intranet

The social intranet is a versatile and multi-faceted platform: with the following whitepapers, we offer you in-depth insights into the subsections of the social intranet. Whether you want to learn more about how your social intranet contributes to increasing the efficiency of your company, or whether you want to know how to successfully introduce a social intranet in your company – you can find reliable information about everything concerning social intranets in our whitepapers.

In this whitepaper, discover which benefits a social intranet can offer your company, what needs to be considered during the introduction and which functions a modern social intranet has to have today. Step-by-step, this whitepaper describes how to find the right social intranet for your company.
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This white paper gives you an insight into the world of the social intranet. It provides you with information on some of the central aspects that you should consider if you also want to introduce a social intranet: from the status quo and key functions to a successful introduction.

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This whitepaper takes you from the intranet selection process, via the structure and features, and through to the return on investment (ROI). Discover how to win acceptance for the intranet and also how to integrate data from other systems. A checklist helps you to simplify your planning.

Finally, you can read how different companies have already benefited from the social intranet.

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