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How the social intranet helps

Made-to-measure and modern – Your social intranet solution

A modern answer to current challenges: the social intranet is the perfect solution for numerous challenges of digital transformation. After all, speed, the ability to innovate and efficiency are among the key requirements for business success today. Thanks to the diverse and flexible benefits of the social intranet, it keeps up with the rapid rate of change and even helps to shape it – as a company of any size. Thanks to the optimized knowledge management, your company quickly develops new solutions, meaning that your company can adapt more rapidly to changes. A social intranet also generally offers the option of customizing it to suit the needs of your organization, meaning that it also provides flexible and purposeful support for your work.

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Social intranet - modern and efficient

The key functions

From an application to a social intranet solution

Each function of your social intranet offers you a solution to real-life challenges that you encounter in everyday work. Interestingly, the social intranet is already a solution in and of itself: namely to the challenges of the skills shortage in the wake of demographic change that ever-increasing numbers of companies are facing. Studies show that younger employees in particular greatly appreciate a social intranet in their company. Consequently, this tool becomes a criterion for convincing the high potentials of tomorrow to join your company and for combating the skills shortage.


The following philosophy applies: you decide what range of functions you want to have on your social intranet in practice. Thanks to its wide range of options, you customize the functions to suit the unique structures and requirements at your company in order to maximize the benefits of it. The following functions generally form the basic functions of every social intranet:

Getting started

How it works: building your social intranet

Regardless of whether it’s a solution for a small, medium-sized or large company, multiple steps are required during implementation so that your social intranet really serves its purpose. During its introduction, it’s particularly important to pay attention to your own employees’ needs. After all, they will also be using the social intranet – and it’s their user behavior that will decide whether it’s a success.

Once the decision has been made to implement a social intranet, it’s all about building up know-how within the company. The people responsible are then aware of the possibilities of the intranet and its technical feasibility.

In the next step, it’s all about setting the goals that the social intranet will aim to achieve. The project managers also define appropriate areas of application for which the social intranet provides solutions.

A pilot project on a specific use case provides the first practical experience with your social intranet solution. At the same time, it’s a good moment to communicate the introduction of the social intranet in your company.

During the pilot project, everyone involved gathers valuable experience for optimizing the technology and the functions of the planned social intranet.

In the penultimate step, the programmers implement the improvements as discussed.

Both human and technical factors play an equal role in the final introduction of the social intranet so that the employees accept and use the new social intranet. Well thought-out usability facilitates the introduction, for example, while future users familiarize themselves with the new functions through training.

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