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The software for your social intranet

The modern world is constantly changing, and so are the requirements for your social intranet. Whether it’s new functions becoming important for everyday work, changing user behavior or your company striking out in a new direction – anyone who uses flexible software as a social intranet solution has a clear advantage. That’s why United Planet has developed a low-code solution with its software, Intrexx, in order to create an intranet platform that users can customize as required to suit their own requirements in the blink of an eye. Both the range of functions and its usability are equally important for a software as social intranet solution: while the availability of all key functions motivates users to use the social intranet, an intuitive interface ensures that they also do so in practice. Learn more about the software that offers you everything.

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Create your own applications – Even without IT know-how

Why is a low-code platform so interesting as a social intranet solution? And what even is a low-code platform? Low-code platforms like Intrexx are attractive to most users because they generally don’t require any programming knowledge. This means that social intranet users can easily create new programs and applications themselves with WYSIWYG elements instead of entering code in programming languages to do so. They choose the desired functions, put them together in their Intrexx portal using drag and drop and get started immediately. Therefore, a social intranet created with the low-code application, Intrexx Share, offers numerous benefits:

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More than an intranet: the software for your social intranet

The software from United Planet provides all of the key advantages of a low-code solution. Furthermore, it has the potential to transform your social intranet into a digital workplace. From the digitalization of business processes through to automation of regular processes, Intrexx offers numerous options for expanding the range of functions of your social intranet.

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