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Whether for a medium-sized enterprise, family company or global corporation: the social intranet holds great potential for companies of all sizes. Thanks to its wide range of use cases and the flexibly adaptable functions, it speeds up business communication, improves collaboration and optimizes business processes. What initially sounds very theoretical turns out to be a real boon in practice. We have collected several examples of social intranet solutions with the Intrexx software here so you can get an idea of the social intranet in practice:

Learn from success - social intranet examples
Social intranet case studies

Helping the helpers

Example 1: Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna

Connecting more than 17,000 employees across more than 250 locations: this is a masterpiece that has succeeded thanks to the social intranet – even on the move! Many of the full-time and voluntary workers are also there for people outside the institutions of the Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna. Whether on the street, in elderly people’s homes or on the way from A to B, thanks to the social intranet, all of the Caritas employees are able to communicate with one another.

Therefore, the helpers are in the right place at the right time and well prepared to help people in emergencies. As a means of exchanging experiences and data, the social intranet supports the employees in organizing themselves and working together. The highlight: since it is easy for users to create new applications themselves with Intrexx, the Caritas has a system that it can use to continually develop its social intranet in accordance with its needs.

Putting a stop to the flood of emails

Example 2: MEGAZOO

Communication as a success factor: whether between employees or between headquarters and the individual branches –everything simply runs more smoothly since the pet supplies chain MEGAZOO introduced its social intranet. The employees are always up to date – be it the latest promotions, customer events or who is covering for employee X, who is off sick today. And even the orders are more coordinated since the branches have a much better picture of what’s happening at other locations.


A visible success story of the new social intranet: believe it or not, internal emails have been reduced by 90% since the employees started communicating via the new network. The employees therefore have a lot more time to look after their customers.

Better collaboration

Example 3: Volksbank Kurpfalz

Direct communication goes hand-in-hand with an optimized workflow: Volksbank Kurpfalz relies on a social intranet to improve the exchange between all departments and branches of the company. Here, it combines the benefits of its new social intranet with the functions of its existing employee portal, which had already replaced paper-based processes with electronic workflows. With this combination, it connects its systems to one another to further increase the efficiency of the digital platforms.


The digital project groups on the new social intranet have proven themselves when it comes to collaboration in particular: all members of a group are on the same page, meaning that the project group makes decisions more quickly and needs less time for meetings.

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