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Efficient, flexible and innovative: the social intranet advances your company in every respect. Ultimately, you network your company across all hierarchical, process and site boundaries thanks to the clever functions of the social intranet – and thus awaken the full potential that slumbers in your company. Because with the help of quick and efficient communication on the social intranet, you benefit from your employees having quick, personal and purposeful exchanges in order to develop solutions for your company. In doing so, you can design workflows more efficiently and, at the same time, encourage your company’s potential for innovation. Consequently, you get your company ready for the future with the benefits of the social intranet.

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Advantages of the social intranet

The benefits at a glance

Your social intranet, your benefits

A modern intranet offers numerous advantages by deliberately drawing on experience from social media and carrying it over into corporate communication. Communication is the key to success here, in order to generate benefits in a wide range of areas with a social intranet:

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