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The social intranet: your intranet of the future

More than an intranet

Efficient, innovative and forward-thinking: your social intranet

Successful communication is the key to innovation and efficiency – and therefore to your company’s success in the digital age: as an evolution of the traditional company intranet, the social intranet facilitates direct communication between your employees, improves the opportunities for collaboration and optimizes data exchange within your company. Cleverly implemented, it connects all parts of the company and makes your company fit for the world of work 4.0.

Aocial intranet is more than just a intranet
Social intranet: efficient and innovative

The basics

What is the social intranet?

Imagine that all of your employees would participate in company issues as actively as they do in private social networks. There is enormous potential for ideas, innovations and opportunities here. Your employees need one thing above all else for this: the ability to interact with one another and exchange ideas directly and simply. Previously, however, digital exchange in a company was frequently limited to data – with no personal, direct interaction. Here, the social Intranet in particular shows that things can be different, quicker and simply better.


Because collaboration in business is more important than ever, complex problems often require more than one expert to find an efficient solution. In the age of flexible working models, however, it’s not so easy to get all of the thinkers around one table. Here, the social intranet offers an ideal platform for bringing together all of the key information and data as well as all employees. And it does so quickly, easily and with flexibility in terms of location.


Many companies have recognized the benefits of rapid data exchange and have already established structures to facilitate it: the intranet. There, employees store documents, provide information about important deadlines and exchange news. It sounds great in theory, but in practice the same problem often arises: employees don’t like to work with rigid, strict platforms that they use to exchange impersonal data. The result: the intranet isn’t used, it’s virtually defunct. That’s why evolving from the traditional company intranet to the modern social Intranet is the next logical step. The ability to interact socially and contact colleagues directly facilitates the exchange of data – and significantly improves the flow of information in the company as a result.

The social intranet brings the internal company network back to life by facilitating active participation and direct communication between the employees. What could the new product look like? What is the management planning? And who fixed the fault on system B? Thanks to the social Intranet, employees can not only read everything, they can also comment, link and discuss things together – just like on social media. In addition to the simple data and facts, the focus in the social intranet is on the individual employee with their ideas, questions and solutions. Thanks to the social intranet, information comes alive and becomes exciting and innovation is encouraged.

Data and information are also available to the users at any time on the social Intranet. They are a valuable basis for collaboration. But generating true innovations takes something more: your employees are the driving force behind every new development. They develop fresh ideas and find new gaps in the market. The social intranet makes it possible to interactively design these creative processes. On the social intranet, employees discuss issues, work on ideas together and develop them creatively. The social intranet thus encourages collaboration within the company – a key requirement for successful innovations.

social intranet activity stream

Activity Stream

social intranet contents


social intranet instant messaging

Instant messaging

social intranet tagging


Social Intranet teamroom

Team rooms

Work flexible thanks to social intranet
Use the potential of social intranet

The examples

Your social intranet in practice

Many companies and organizations are already making use of the potential of a social intranet in everyday business. From Red Cross through the Volksbank Kurpfalz cooperative bank to the pet supplies retailer MEGAZOO, numerous institutions and companies are already relying on the many benefits of a social intranet. Learn more:

At a glance:

The benefits of your social intranet

The basic functions

What must a social intranet be capable of ?

The social intranet is a living collection of knowledge that provides your employees with the information they need on a day-to-day basis. Here, the social intranet has different functions depending on what is required. Some of them are crucial, some are more “nice to have”. The desired range of functions depends on the requirements of the company in question.


The following functions are the absolute standards for a modern social intranet:

social intranet activity stream

Activity stream: communication and more

This is the heart of your social intranet since the activity stream includes public communications. Employees can ask their questions and get answers from the right experts in the company. Some social intranet solutions go one step further: they combine both messages from colleagues and information from the software systems used, such as reminders or tasks.

social intranet contents

Systematically managing and editing content

The social intranet – like any portal – is driven by the information it contains. Here, content is often generated by users through communications between individual employees. In many companies, there are often also departments that are tasked with internal communications and the deliberate creation of posts. These posts can be prepared and made available in appropriate locations on the social intranet using an integrated content management system (CMS).

social intranet instant messaging

Instant messaging for direct communication

Perfect for stemming the daily flood of emails: instant messaging facilitates direct communications between individual employees. Your employees simply write to one another in the form of direct messages to discuss and receive the desired input on their concerns. This makes communications quicker and more personal than by email.

social intranet tagging

Tagging: making content findable

Thanks to the tagging function, social intranet users can make it easier to find content by assigning keywords to it. Consequently, your social intranet becomes even more user-friendly. Because anyone who can quickly find all of the information they need saves time on searching and as a result, their efficiency is increased. What’s more, social intranet users can use tagging to tag other users to indicate to them that they might be interested in this content or these files.

Social Intranet teamroom

Team rooms for efficient collaboration

Groups and team rooms are a crucial component of collaboration on the social intranet. They serve as digital project groups where employees pool documents and make them available for shared editing. Team rooms on the social intranet can be used for a wide variety of purposes – for preparing for meetings and for collaborating on long-term projects, for example. It is particularly well suited to work with other departments since everyone involved can access a wider pool of knowledge.

Getting started with the social intranet

Ten tips for getting started with the social intranet

The social intranet holds numerous advantages for companies and employees. But how can you successfully introduce the new software in your company?

One step further

Your digital workplace

Just as the social intranet is the intranet for the connected world of work 4.0, the digital workplace is the next step towards a modern and efficient workplace for the digital age: programs, software and data – the digital workplace really does combine everything employees need for their work. The digital workplace thus takes the possibilities of flexible working to a completely new level.


Learn more about the digital workplace and its opportunities for you, your company and your employees:

Your social intranet in practice
Your digital workplace with a social intranet

What is the best solution for your company?

Finding the right social intranet

Want to take advantage of the benefits of a social intranet? But how do you find the right product? In order to take full advantage of the potential of the social intranet, it’s worth taking a closer look: does the product include the key features? Can the social intranet be flexibly customized and even expanded? And is the sought-for social intranet solution also user-friendly?

Versatile and efficient: Intrexx – Your solution for digital collaboration

The Intrexx Share application from the low-code development platform Intrexx scores particularly well on these questions. Among other things, you can use it to easily create social intranet solutions that are tailored to your needs via drag and drop. In doing so, you can create your intranet and enhance it with key functions such as instant messaging, activity stream and team rooms. Intrexx Share also makes space for individuality: each employee sees precisely the information and discussions that are relevant to them. As a result, the information exchange always remains organized and provides real added value for the company.

From social intranet to digital workplace if desired

In addition to the social intranet, Intrexx offers another big advantage: an easy upgrade to a digital workplace. Anyone who decides to also collect all applications and programs alongside data and communications clearly on one platform has an easy time of it with Intrexx: the product meets the key criteria for your digital workplace. A free 30-day trial version allows you to find out which solution is best for your company.

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